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All Natural Dog & Cat Foods

To learn more about the brands of all natural pet food we carry please click on the links below. Don't see your brand listed? Let us know! If it's a brand we can stand behind we'd be happy to order it for you!

Experience, Knowledge & Resources to Assist You...

With over ten years experience in the natural pet food industry, we have the knowledge and resources to answer your questions and assist you in finding the right all natural diet for your dog or cat. At Clipper’s Canine Cafe we try to educate our customers so they can feel confident about the foods they choose to feed their pets. We offer food samples and informative brochures for all of our pet foods. We provide our customers with information about pet food ingredients that should be avoided because so many can be harmful to your pet’s health.

Because keeping your pet healthy starts with a nutritious diet....

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At Clipper’s Canine Cafe we are passionate about the countless benefits a healthy, all natural diet has on your pet. We have seen the amazing results through transitioning our own pets many years ago from mass-produced commercial diets to all natural healthier foods.

Because every dog is an individual and may have different sensitivities or nutritional requirements, we carry a large selection of quality brands. Whether your dog needs a kibble or canned food that is grain free, contains a novel protein source or has minimal ingredients for dogs suffering from allergies, or you’re just looking for a healthy pet food with quality ingredients, we have you covered. We also carry food pre-mixes for customers that like to prepare home cooked meals but are worried about providing a diet that contains all the necessary nutrients their pet needs. At Clipper’s Canine Cafe we feed our own pets an all natural raw food diet. We carry numerous brands of raw food that take the guess work and expense out of making the food yourself. We understand that the raw food diet isn’t for every customer, but for those interested in making the switch, we can provide you with loads of helpful information to assist you in making an educated decision.

In a hurry? Try our curbside carryout service! Just give us a call with your payment information and we’ll process your transaction while you’re on your way. Then just pull up outside and we’ll run your purchases out to you. Quick and easy!

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Stop by for a free sample! Ask about our Frequent Buyer Program & Military/First Responder Discount! To check out some of our Frequent Buyer Programs and current promotions being offered here: click here.
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