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Why are we so passionate about the benefits of a healthy diet?

Doodad laying on sofa

DOODAD 1993-2010

We are often asked why we feel so passionately about the benefits of an all natural diet. Doodad was a rescue dog that we adopted as an estimated 3 year old in 1996 that suffered from severe inflammatory bowel disease and food allergies for years. Numerous prescriptive diets were tried and he was given many various drugs all to no avail. After Doodad quickly dropped to 32 pounds (when healthy he was 60 pounds), began vomiting and suffering from diarrhea on a daily basis and almost lost his life during a risky exploratory surgery, we opted to try one last thing. Much to the dismay of the vet, Doodad was put on a raw foods diet we had been hearing so much about as a last resort. Within weeks he was doing fantastic! There’s no doubt in our minds that it saved his life and gave us an extra 14 years with him. He’s the reason we feel so strongly about the benefits of an all natural diet. We miss him greatly!

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